Community Guidelines

  • Community Guidelines

    Impact Gaming should be an inclusive community. We accept people regardless of gender, race, religion, nationality, age or sexual orientation. We welcome very competitive and casual players of all skill levels. However, we would like to point out that we also have success-oriented sections. Most of the rules listed below contain a simple code of conduct to avoid any radical disturbance of the social balance within our community. Since this is the Internet, there are only so many rules as you can realistically apply in this framework. We see every community member as the backbone and image bearer of our gaming community. We do not expect everyone to behave in the same way, but we expect our members to respect the following basic rules regardless of which gaming section they are in, including the forum, TS3 and Discord rules, which must be followed as given below:

    The Basics

    1. Social Interactions & Competence

    For us it is important that every member of Impact Multigaming Community™ interacts with real people behind the screen - real people with real jobs, real families and feelings. Things you say in a game can very well have lasting effects on people in their concrete lives. Please note that this is a golden rule of social common sense in an online environment and its netiquette. The following rules apply to every member of the Impact Multigaming Community™ no matter in which game section they are. The forum, TS3 and Discord rules must also be observed. Community, cohesion, mutual support (e.g. "duty to help") and of course fun in the game, but also success-oriented playing are the cornerstones of our community. However, nothing stands in the way of competitive gaming if a team of like-minded members is formed.

    2. No Cyberbullying

    No cyberbullying or hate speech - We do not tolerate members who verbally abuse other members for reasons that violate the inclusive nature of our community. Even if members have a disagreement that has nothing to do with our principles, they should be taken to a community trustee and not be held in the forums or on any of our social platforms, including Facebook, Teamspeak, Discord, and so on. Criticism should always be polite and constructive. Racism, sexism and bashing on sexual orientation can be funny for some people, but also extremely injurious. In the public spaces of the community, you should be friendly, yet publicly appropriate. If you feel like a victim, please contact a trusted representative within your section or contact our Community Member Support.

    3. Cheating & Hacking

    Cheating and/or hacking is strictly prohibited. Win with dignity. Lose with mercy. A victory by deception is not a victory. Win through skill, strategy, teamwork and intellect. Lose while you do your best and apply the above qualities and your community will still be proud to represent you. Impact Multigaming Community™ is a legit,imate gaming community that fully adheres to the ToS ("Terms of Service") of all games with which we are connected. We do not support cooperation with guilds that do not share the same view. Members are strictly prohibited from stealing or destroying property from other members. If you get caught doing so, you will be excluded from the community. This also includes "Awoxing" (-> If it should be proven that a member lures other guild members into a trap and thus other people outside of our community have an advantage, then the member is equally guilty).

    4. Call & Image Building

    Don't give our community a bad name. From the day you represent our Impact Multigaming Community™, you must act accordingly. Each member is a member of a department (games section), which manages itself relatively independently and has a large scope of action and/or discretion. It is possible to switch between individual sections at any time by arrangement with the respective division leader.

    5. Trolling

    We do not tolerate "trolling", neither in games nor in forums. It is one thing if everyone in a particular team decides to try something other than the current meta, have a silly conversation or make jokes with each other during the games. Do not use trolling to drive another member away. While trolling can be a fun part of any game, it can get out of control. Please note the limits of good taste. Therefore, please avoid trolling on all public platforms. Always remember that you represent the entire Impact Multigaming Community™

    6 Drama & Negative Policy

    We do not tolerate unnecessary drama in our community communication channels and in our forum. If you have a problem with a particular member or games section, please try to solve it at eye level in a personal conversation. If necessary, contact a community member privately. We do not like unrest within our community and are ready to help in mediating your conflicts. We stand together as a whole and want to grow out of our problems together. Anyone who turns out to be disturbing for the community will be warned within a personal conversation. As a last resort, further measures will be taken.

    7. Relax & Fun

    This is a gaming community and we are here to have fun. Political, religious and other controversial discussions are permitted as long as they take place in a reasonable manner. If you have a problem with other members using coarse expressions, stop them verbally or, if you are in a game, turn on your chat filter within the game options. Joking and fun are acceptable as long as the other person understands them as such.

    8. Communication

    Membership in the Impact Multigaming Community™ is free of charge, but requires a minimum level of communication skills. You don't have to talk, but you have to listen and follow the instructions given by the leadership of the section. Communication is the key to success! We will try to be as open as possible with our members in this community. This also includes the training of rather weak players and support in everyday play. If possible, we will pass on tips and tricks within the community. The distribution, publication or making available of internal community information, even if these are not explicitly marked as such, but are to be regarded as such due to technical restrictions, is not permitted. It is expected that these internal secrets will remain in our community and will not be shared publicly - especially with regard to social media such as Twitter and Facebook, during raids etc.

    9. Community Membership

    Registration in our forum is mandatory, as TeamSpeak 3 rights groups are also assigned via the forum. We leave the active participation in forum discussions to each member, however, we presuppose the independent procurement of information regarding dates, announcements and game information. Impact members must be at least 17 years of age and have the appropriate intellectual maturity. Exceptions are possible if one parent is already an Impact Community Member and therefore the educational background is guaranteed. Under certain circumstances a trial period before a regular full membership may be necessary. The decision as to whether a trial time is required and how long it lasts is made by the respective head of department. This also includes participation in tournaments (with the exception of community internal tournaments where the age limit is removed). In addition, the community members must be in good standing with the gaming community and comply with all rules and regulations of Impact Multigaming Community™ and the respective publisher for the game in accordance with the end user license agreements.

    10. Livestreaming

    Streamers must comply with all rules and regulations set by stream providers and hosts (e.g., etc.) and must behave in a manner that complies with Impact Gaming values. If an inappropriate language is used regularly, the streamer must indicate that the stream is not suitable for a younger audience. Cyberbullying and hate speech are not allowed, as they always violate the values of our community and the company. During the streaming you represent our community and we expect you to behave professionally.

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